Glouy Tod


Deep fried banana fritters, served with ice-cream, cream and a topping sauce of your choice

Deep Fried Ice-cream


Deep fried battered ice-cream served with cream and a topping sauce of your choice

Lychees & Ice-cream


Glouy Boud Shee


Banana in warm coconut milk



Steam coconut egg custard, sprinkled with granulated peanuts

Banana Lumpia


Banana slices wrapped in spring roll wrapping paper, and served with ice-cream, cream, and a topping sauce of your choice



Tapioca pearls in warm coconut cream, and served with ice-cream


Soft Drinks


Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Mineral Water

Juice & Cordial


Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Raspberry Cordial

Hot Beverages

Coffee $4.00
Cappuccino $4.50
Hot Chocolate $4.50


English Breakfast Tea $3.00
Asian Tea (Chinese, Green, or Jasmine) $2.50