Soups & Entrées

Prawn Crackers


Deep fried prawn flavoured chips

Tom Yum Gai


Spicy hot and sour chicken soup

Tom Yum Goong


Spicy hot and sour prawns soup

Tom Kha Gai


Chicken in coconut milk soup

Tom Jeud


Mixed vegetables soup

Tom Pak Kard Kow


Chicken or pork in Thai vegetable soup

Kam Bu Tod


Deep fried crab claws with sweet chilli sauce (2 pieces)

Satay Gai


Barbecue marinated satay chicken sticks served with peanut sauce (3 pieces)

Satay Goong


Barbecue prawn sticks served with prawn crackers and peanut sauce (3 pieces)

Poh Pia


Chicken or vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour dipping sauce (2 pieces)

Tod Mun Pla


Thai fish cakes served with sweet and sour cucumber and peanut relish sauce (3pcs)

Gari Pak


Beef curry puffs served with sweet chilli sauce (2 pieces)

Peek Gai Tod


Deep fried chicken wings served with sweet chilli sauce (2 pieces)

Goong Kratiem


Stir fried king prawns with garlic sauce (3 pieces)

Nam Tok


Beef salad with fresh herbs and lemon juice